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What is Athletic Development and its role within Abingdon School?
By Mike Davies, Head of Athletic Development

The term ‘athletic development’ encompasses the notion of a holistic and long-term training design. Its aim is to benefit the health, wellbeing and physical capabilities of all students as they progress through school and into adulthood.

As part of this approach, students will learn to become accountable for their actions within sport, PE and daily exercise. This helps to create an appreciation for the countless health benefits that exercise has to offer along with solidifying  lifelong habits.

The diagram shows how we progress this model through the years at Abingdon.

The program has been implemented in the curriculum, core sport, other half and extra-curricular activities with all of our students experiencing a level of specified training within a challenging environment.

Consistency is King

The student’s development relies heavily upon what his motivations are, how often he can reflect and how frequently his goals are achieved. The strategy for physical training is similar to studying and revising for exams. Both require consistency, hard work and perseverance.

By understanding our bodies, and how appropriate rest combined with appropriate training will aid our physical fitness, we are able to challenge our ability to become more active on a regular basis.

The human body is an exciting and complex structure that we should celebrate every day by maintaining its equilibrium to move! This program at its initial stages is allowing students to learn the tools in which they can build a fortress of life long skills to select and understand what they can do.

By reflecting regularly within this program, we ensure the goal is achieved with minimal deviation occurring. The teacher’s role is to use ongoing assessment, feedback and student-led coaching opportunities to create an environment where students can share, observe and learn from one another.

Autonomy and all its magic

Physical competence breeds confidence which is a motivator for driving oneself to adhere to a given task and complete it to a high standard. Through being self-motivated we are accountable for our own actions and by this very nature we become autonomous in our decision-making ability.

Our aim is to teach students how to be autonomous and self-sufficient in looking after their health through the use of exercise and skills learnt at school. We encourage students to:

Set the goal and enjoy the process. Applaud the days that challenge you and celebrate those that are difficult because you will take the most from the PROCESS, not the goal.

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