Abingdon School chooses Tumblebug’s Ecobot to manage food waste

As part of its continued focus on sustainability, Abingdon School has chosen an Ecobot food waste drier to manage their food waste on-site.

The investment will see waste shredded and dried overnight, reducing the output by up to 90%, which can then be used to propagate plants around the school’s three sites which include the Senior school, the Prep school and Tilsley Park sports and athletics ground, boosting biodiversity and lessening the waste sent to landfill.

Head of School, Michael Windsor, comments: “Sustainability is central to so much of what we do at Abingdon. We know that we have a responsibility to educate our young people and to lead by example. Much of our focus in recent times has been to reduce the amount of food waste we produce and, whilst we will continue to concentrate on this, being able to put the waste produced to good, practical use is not only of benefit to our school from a management perspective but also from an environmental perspective too.”

The Ecobot EB100 processes up to 100kg of food waste every day, and will help Abingdon to:

  • reduce the environmental impact of food waste collection and treatment.
  • reduce the odours, pathogens, pests and handling inconveniences of food waste.
  • reduce the cost of food waste collection.
  • To be fully compliant with forthcoming revisions to the Environment Act.

Abingdon’s Financial Controller, Clare Butcher, says: “We were impressed by Tumblebug’s knowledge and their strategy where food waste processing is the first step to a truly circular economy, and we had to make sure the Ecobot was a sound financial investment in addition to the obvious environmental benefits.”

Sylvie Veriinder, CEO at Tumblebug, adds: “We are very proud to be selected by Abingdon because the school is so committed to becoming more sustainable. In addition to training the catering team and helping the school demonstrate compliance with new legislation, we’re also very keen to work with the academic staff to explore how this innovative solution can be included in the teaching curriculum in a variety of subject areas.”

Abingdon’s Ecobot is due to be installed by Tumblebug in Spring 2024.

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