5 May 2022

On Tuesday, Abingdon School CCF underwent their first Biennial Inspection in 4 years. There was much at stake, but the cadets didn’t disappoint.

The day began with a whole contingent inspection outside Big School. After a few last minute rehearsals, and hours of work beforehand, the parade began. The inspecting officer Air Commodore Woods came and inspected all of the RAF and Army Cadets and was very impressed at their turnout of dress, standards and drill and was very complimentary. He also gave a very engaging speech on what individuals can take from being part of the cadet force and how it can benefit future careers, even if they’re not military related.

After the successful parade, we made our way up to Dalton Barracks where 3 Regiment RLC, who regularly assist us, put on a round Robin of activities from Military theory tests to the live ranges, the assault course and a casualty evacuation competition run. This showed Air Cdre Woods how we operate in a non-ceremonial environment as well as highlighting the excellent partnership opportunities 3 Reg offer us.

Overall it was a very successful day, enjoyed by all cadets who attended. A thanks to Air Cdre Woods for coming to inspect the contingent and for his words of wisdom. Similarly, a massive thanks to the 3 Reg team for the afternoon activities and, most importantly, the CCF staff who have spent months organising this. The hard work of the contingent truly paid off and we hope this will be reflected in the report of the inspection.

Written by Sam Hayes-Newington

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