14 June 2023

Over half-term, a group of 4th Year history students visited Berlin – a city rich in historical significance. On Day 1, the students visited the Reichstag, the seat of Government, which provided an insight into Germany’s pathway from democracy to dictatorship; as well as memorials to those who were persecuted and lost their lives during Germany’s tumultuous past. This was followed, on day 2, with a trip to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and the Wannsee Mansion, where in 1942, leading Nazi’s and SS met to discuss their so-called Final Solution to the Jewish Question. On Day 3, students were plunged into Cold War life in East Berlin with an immersive experience at the DDR museum; followed by a tour of Checkpoint Charlie which left many in awe of the inventive ways people had managed to successfully escape. Then it was on to the Topography of Terror, an exhibition located on the former site of the Gestapo headquarters. On the final day, students visited the Stasi Prison Camp to gain a better understanding of life under the Soviets; the Soviet War Memorial and Cemetery in Treptower Park; and the Berlin Wall and documentation centre.

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