8 November 2019

Geopolitics is not a subject one might expect to feature on a rowing camp, but it certainly did with the Boatclub’s annual trip to Banyoles, Spain on the site of the former 1992 Olympic lake in October half term. Amidst mass independence protests, the scale of which threatened to disrupt our return journey, Abingdon fifth and sixth formers quietly had seven days of training in an undoubtedly stunning setting nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The focus of the camp was practice in small boats, with rotating crews, to develop technique and individual oarsmanship. It was a new experience for the J16 year group, with the particularly large Senior Squad glad to be back on the lake to develop skills and develop a squad mentality.

Aside from vast quantities of hand tape and consuming consistently large meals, the camp also took place during cultural celebrations including live bands performing in the town square, in addition to the rigorous water training and group runs around the lake. The camp culminated in set piece racing on the final day, with the quality of racing indicating that the development and progress of the squad was considerable, which has set up a strong position for the head racing season ahead.

Written by Lachlan Jones

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