9 October 2018

Abingdon’s third fixture of the Michaelmas term was against Cheltenham College. Traditionally this has always been a competitive match and the boys were keen to assert themselves. The team played 32 games, split over four rounds with each pair paying against all pairs of the opposing side. Abingdon won 30 out of 32 games, giving an overall score of 15 matches to 1. 

Abingdon’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairs won all their matches with the 4th’s winning three quarters of their games but narrowly losing to Cheltenham's 1st pair, 21- 18, 22-20. A really amazing effort considering the seeding. 

The team for the match was as follows:

Abingdon A vs Cheltenham College A

Perry Tsai & Anthony Xie
Jate Jaturanpinyo & Andy Zhang
David Harding & Toby Rowles
Marcus Kam & Brian Ho

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