5 October 2018

The first two fixtures of Michaelmas term have seen the Abingdon Badminton Squad maintain their unbeaten record. It has been a pleasure, as a new member of staff, to watch the boys put so much effort into the events.

Our first fixture of the term was against Harrow As. Abingdon’s top VIII was out in full force to make sure that we started the year as we mean to continue. Despite a very impressive 1st pair from Harrow, the team was able to deliver victory in a convincing fashion, 5 matches to 3. Many of these games were in the region of 21-11 or 21-12 and the Abingdon 1st pair beat Harrow’s 2nd 21-7.

The second fixture was against Oratory As. This was the first outing of the year for the Abingdon C squad and they were supported by the club captain, Jate Jaturanpinyo, who stepped in to play after a last minute injury. It was an absolutely thrilling event and went down to the final few matches.

In the end Abingdon won 6 matches to 3, although the comfortable score line glosses over some heart stopping moments. I was immensely proud of the boys and they really stepped up to the mark. Special mention must go to the 1st pair, Jate and Jason who won their first game by just two points, lost their second by 6 and then kicked into high gear, delivering a resounding 11 point victory.

The teams for each match were as follows:

Abingdon A vs Harrow A

Jate Jaturanpinyo & James Moreton-Smith
Perry Tsai & Anthony Xie
Andy Zhang & Toby Rowles
Tong Tong Sukamongkol & Brian Ho

Abingdon C (+ Club Captain) vs Oratory A

Jate Jaturanpinyo & Jason Lai
David Haar & Archie Baker
Alasdair Czaplewski & James Chung

Mr Tom Allen, i/c Badminton

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