27 November 2019

The ASP would like to congratulate the Knight research group from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics on their public engagement award for the development of their DNA manipulation workshop for sixth form students. This project was originally developed in collaboration with our biology teachers Simon Bliss and Dr Rob Jeffereys, with thanks also to our technician team and the Abingdon students who participated in the pilot workshops. Last week, the workshop took place in the Science Partnership Lab for the third time and the researchers have now worked with 65 students from six different schools.

Students carried out DNA sequencing analysis using techniques that are not commonly available in schools and worked through bioinformatics activities that give an insight into how researchers use DNA mutations to investigate how diseases spread. The day was interspersed with discussions of the career path taken by each of the researchers and with a presentation of some of the group’s newest research.

Plans are being made to run the workshop again next March, with one school already on the waiting list!

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