18 March 2019

Last Thursday, as part of World Book Day, some of our Lower School students were given the opportunity to take part in a creative writing workshop with a visiting author. Martin Stewart, whose works include The Sacrifice Box and Riverkeep, talked to the boys about creating interesting characters through dialogue, focusing on the idea that ‘people enjoy reading about people, and this is what hooks us’. The boys were then given the opportunity to use some of Martin’s tips and techniques in their own writing.

Later on, Martin delivered a talk to the Lower School about how a broken knee cap and three months off work allowed him to fulfil his writing ambition (not dream… he doesn’t like the word dream). He then went onto explain the real life inspiration for his debut novel, Riverkeep, and finished with a short reading from his most recent book The Sacrifice Box.  

It was great to have Martin with us for the day to inspire our budding writers.

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