11 January 2017

A team of second year Science Ambassadors gave up the last day of the Christmas holiday to run an exhibit at the Association for Science Education (ASE) 2017 conference at the University of Reading. Jack Tilley, Alex Long, Luka Shanidze, Josh Giles-Friend and Matthew Fowler demonstrated the model hand-washing station they had developed as part of the Practical Action charity's Stop the Spread challenge. The boys piloted the resource last October, providing feedback to Practical Action and the British Science Association who awarded all the boys a CREST Discovery Award in return for their contribution. At the ASE conference the boys were able to meet and explain their project to hundreds of visiting teachers and science educators from the UK and overseas. The national chairperson of the ASE, Chris Colclough, made a special visit to the boys' exhibit and was particularly impressed by their presentation skills and by Abingdon School's contribution to national STEM learning through its support of the Abingdon Science Partnership.

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