22 January 2019

Four of ASP's Senior Science Ambassadors ran an exhibit at the ASE's annual conference at the University of Birmingham.

This event is attended by teachers, academics and educationalists from all over the world and is a major showcase for science education in the UK. The Ambassadors spoke to visiting delegates about the highly successful Primary Science Club which they run weekly with a large team of other Science Ambassadors in the Abingdon Science Partnership Lab.

This is an excellent model both for developing science skills in the primary children and also leadership and planning skills in the Science Ambassadors, so it generated a lot of interest amongst teachers and others who visited the ASP stand.

The feedback passed to exhibitors by the ASE showed that visitors appreciated the opportunity to discuss ideas for good practice at first hand, with one delegate commenting 'It was really lovely to see schools bringing their good practice to share, especially those with pupils manning the stalls!'

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