21 January 2017

On a “braw bricht moonlicht nicht” over 100 third year parents attended Abingdon’s first Burns Night Celebration. A tartan bedecked CMR welcomed them with a warming hot apple toddy laced with Drambuie before being piped through to the dining room by Jamie Miller resplendent in full Scottish attire.

The catering team provided a magnificent meal full of Scottish flavour before Chef Clive carried in the haggis to the sounds of Jamie once again performing some swirling bagpipe magic as they trooped around the dining room. Ken Welby recited the Ode to the Haggis in a performance well worthy of an Oscar before plunging in the “skean dhu” (dagger) to rapturous applause.

Parents then tackled a Scottish picture quiz at each table, decorated with hints of tartan and the Loch Ness monster whilst listening to a medley of Scottish bands and trying to work out who sang them.

The evening wrapped up promptly due to the fall in temperature within the dining room – initially some thought the Scottish theme to include the frosty temperature had gone a step too far although it was later discovered that the heaters had broken. This has now been rectified!

Many thanks to all those who helped to make this event the success it was: Jamie (bagpipes), Ken (Ode to the Haggis), Simon (photographs), Adrian (quiz), Glen (music), Candy, Nicola, Martin and Pete (serving at the bar), Clive and Natalia and the rest of the catering team plus everyone who helped us to set up the tables and to take them all down at the end of the evening – Gillian, Morag, Lucy, Jackie, Vicki, Camilla, Paula, Sarah, Yvette, Lindsay, Tanya, Peter and Cal.

Karen Hope and Jacqui Summons

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