28 April 2018

Another great quiz night was had on Saturday 28 April. Going into the event, the reigning champions the Questionables, who had won the previous two years, were still the firm favourites and they nearly did it for a third year in a row. 

A tie break clincher gave the victory to the Quizzy Rascals (Year 7) who prevailed by answering a tricky Eurovision question. Congratulations to the winners with 92 points, the Questionables with 91 and the Clangers (Year 3) who came third with 89 points. 5 points separated the top 5 teams, so it was a close run thing. Commiserations to the Questionables who are a formidable quiz team. Click here to see the list of teams who played on the night and their respective points.

Parents also enjoyed a fish & chip supper which was a first for an ASPA event and it was a big success. The catering team, who were three men down on the night, pulled out all the stops and did a great job getting everything out on time. A huge thanks to John, Clive, Emma and the rest of the team as well as to Nicola, Jay and Kathy from ASPA for running the event and the bar.  

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