9 October 2019

The new cohort of Primary Science Club Science Ambassadors were able to put their planning and delivery skills to the test at a special, pilot session for Year 6 boys from Abingdon Prep.

Experienced Senior Science Ambassadors took the lead for this practice session, with the trainees assisting with individual activities. A second Year 6 class from the Prep School will visit after the half term break when the trainees will take the lead and run the session themselves.

Following these training sessions, pupils from several local primary schools will be invited to attend the Primary Science Club every Tuesday for the rest of the term. The training session also provided an opportunity for third year boys taking the ASDAN Short Course in Leadership to carry out observation and evaluation of a leadership activity. Their reports were very detailed and will provide additional feedback for the Science Ambassadors which will help in further improvement of their delivery of Primary Science Club sessions.

The Primary Science Club has become an outstanding example of how Partnership activities can provide so many opportunities to develop essential life skills, particularly in planning, presentation, teamwork and taking the lead.

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