17 May 2018

Never wanting to be complacent, the ASP has been broadening its horizons by teaming up with new partners to pilot two exciting workshops. First, researchers from the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford ran a CPD session that was attended by science teachers and technicians representing 7 different schools in the area. After magnifying a droplet of pond water with a homemade microscope constructed from a syringe and a laser pen, and testing different ‘blood’ types, all attendees left with a whole load of resources for activities that will enrich their teaching of key concepts in microscopy and immunology. Thank you to Erdinc Sezgin for the photos. For a more detailed report please see the Institute's newsletter

The next day, 26 students from John Mason, Fitzharrys, Cheney, Oxford Spires, St Helen and St Katharine, and Abingdon attended ‘An introduction to applying for science and maths subjects at Oxford and Cambridge’. The event kicked off with a tailor-made admissions talk from Fergus Powell, Homerton College, Cambridge, and was followed by a Q&A session and problem-solving workshops run by tutors and graduates from Oxford colleges, as well as staff from Abingdon School and St Helen and St Katharine. Now on to organising the next workshops! 

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