11 September 2017

Setting the new school year off with a bang: 78 children in Years 4 and 5 at Caldecott Primary School had an exciting start to their science topic, ‘Fizz, Pop, Bang’, at a bespoke chemistry show presented for them in the Science Partnership Lab. Demonstrations included ‘dragon’s breath’ – where salt solutions were sprayed onto flames to see their different colours – setting Angel Delight powder alight, and even igniting methane bubbles in the hands of their brave teaching assistants. Finally the children had a blast carrying out small reactions of their own, mixing magnesium with acid to hear the squeaky pop of the hydrogen gas produced.

‘The children were really buzzing on the way home,’ comments Caldecott’s Science Co-ordinator, Rebecca Tolley. ‘I heard a few telling their parents about how impressed they were on collection from school.’

Partnership staff hope the show has inspired Caldecott’s students to really engage with their science course this year, and we look forward to more events like this in the near future.

Alasdair Czaplewski, Sixth Form

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