12 June 2018

Throughout this academic year, members of the Abingdon Science Partnership team have been visiting local primary schools to deliver science activities to Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 classes. We’ve investigated the best material to make tea bags, made our own shadow puppet show, and even tried to make square bubbles, to name a few! After completing eight activities the primary pupils earn a CREST Star award, accredited by the British Science Association.

Last week, classes 5 and 6 from Dunmore Primary School attended a very special science show to celebrate the completion of their awards. The pupils were shocked by the iodine clock reaction and extremely excited about doing flame tests, as well as witnessing a whole range of impressive chemistry reactions including elephant’s toothpaste and everybody’s favourite, the whoosh bottle. We can’t wait for more primary schools to visit the science partnership lab in the coming weeks for their own celebration shows. 

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