8 March 2018

The snow may have disrupted a number of important events in the last week but the ASP has bounced straight back with three primary school workshops, a CREST Star session at Abingdon Prep School, a podcast interview for Stories from Science and the latest Primarily Science Club running in the first two days of this week. St Edmund's Y5 classes enjoyed a workshop on Forces and Spaceflight where they investigated gravity and ways to overcome it. St Nicolas Primary's Y1 visited for a workshop on animals where they were able to use microscopes and look at the Biology Department's extensive collection of live animals. The Primarily Science Club members were treated to another excellent session organised by the team of Abingdon Science Ambassadors, this week building and flying water rockets with most of the water deposited all over the ASP Co-ordinator. One of the Science Club members, Evie from St Edmund's RC Primary, was delighted to win the recent challenge set by the Science Ambassadors after a session on microscopy. This was to find the plaque commemorating Robert Hooke's first observation of cells in Oxford. Evie found it and took a selfie to prove it receiving an ASP Challenge Winner key ring as her prize.

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