14 September 2017

The INTERACT Conference at the University of Birmingham is one of the biggest gatherings of science communicators in the UK and so was an excellent opportunity to showcase the achievements of the Abingdon Science Partnership to the gathered academics, early career researchers and science funding bodies. ASP Co-ordinator, Jeremy Thomas, delivered a seminar on how to develop successful school partnerships and gave advice on how outreach offered by STEM organisations can be made more useful to schools. Many organisations that the ASP already works with were represented at the conference and a number of new and useful contacts were made through the networking sessions. It was also a real privilege to be on the programme with two of the country's foremost and best known science communicators, Professors Alice Roberts and Jim Al Khalili, who conducted a fascinating, chat-show style conversation with each other about their careers and their strong views on the importance of good public outreach work in STEM.

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