23 April 2020

Despite school being closed, Abingdon School in Partnership continues in the virtual world. As the first year of a cross town peer support lead program draws to a close it is time to look ahead to next year.

This academic year almost 30 upper sixth students from St Helen and St Katharine School, John Mason School, Fitzharrys School and Abingdon School have been working collaboratively to offer support and mentoring to younger students within each school.

We are now looking to recruit for next academic year and Mr Southwell-Sander and Mrs Preiss-Chapman were delighted to see almost 20 lower sixth Abingdon boys apply for the post. Interviews will be taking place via Zoom over the next 2 weeks and recruitment will be completed by half term.

We hope to meet up with colleagues from other schools later in the term but this obviously depends on the timetable for schools reopening. It is exciting to see such an enthusiastic response from our current Lower Sixth to what is a great opportunity to support the existing pastoral care in each school.

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