8 November 2019

On Thursday, Abingdon School saw the first of its English mentoring lessons, a part of the ever-growing Abingdon School in Partnership programme. The afternoon saw over 60 pupils Abingdon, Larkmead, Fitzharrys and John Mason congregate in Greening Court to study a variety of topics ranging from descriptive composition to speech writing, in a mutually beneficial scheme that brings together pupils in years 11 and 12.

The Sixth Form mentors had all spent the last month planning lessons, which are being taught to GCSE pupils, helping them prepare for their forthcoming mock exams whilst also consolidating Sixth Formers’ own knowledge and placing them in the shoes of their teachers just a year prior. The partnership lessons will now continue until the end of this half term, enabling the various pupils to further enhance their skills together.

The Abingdon School in Partnership scheme has developed substantially in the last couple of years, to much acclaim. Originating in science partnerships, the programme has since grown to involve English, maths, a primary school humanities morning and an art project. Many thanks to Mr Southwell-Sander for his coordination of what has quickly become a prevalent part of the school.

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