6 November 2018

October saw the already very busy CCF, begin in earnest, their preparation for the Remembrance Day Parade services which they have become involved with over the past number of years. Firstly, there is the panic of ensuring all military uniforms fit correctly, with many visits to the local tailor. Then, the attention changes to foot drill and Colour party practices, with hours of both being undertaken to achieve the highest standards required.

Albeit, the boys are only cadets, the whole Remembrance parade is taken very seriously with huge amounts of effort and hard work being put in by all of those that are involved. Boots are polished, uniforms ironed crisply and words of command rehearsed. The Cadet Sergeant Major, Max Martin and his Senior NCOs observe all aspects of the beginning, middle and end of the practices at CCF and in front of big school before the big day performance.

This year there will be over 140 boys involved in the school Remembrance parade, 35 boys attending the parade in Abingdon, which is led by 4 Regiment, RLC and 6 senior boys attending the local old age people’s home to visit veterans and persons involved in the two World Wars. 

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