Over this term, the PSL partnership programme has continued to work collaboratively with our Prep School. Across several visits, prospective Abingdon Third Year students, currently in Year 8, have been given guidance about the transition from Prep to Senior school, by our PSL students. Drawing from their own experiences, the students broke down all the intimidating misconceptions about the mysteries of senior school life. Answering questions such as ‘How much homework do you get?’ and imparting some disappointing news… ‘Food fights are not allowed!’ PSL, Tye, said of the experience: “I remember meeting a family friend in Upper Sixth when I was in Pre-Prep and what has just stuck with me is that whilst, at the time, it felt so far away, every step has been so gradual and natural as I’ve progressed through the Foundation and I hope that the sessions I have played a part in hosting have contributed to re-sowing a similar experience for others.”

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