18 May 2020

During the lockdown it is important to reflect on our amazing community both within and beyond the School. At Abingdon we engage on many levels with the broader Abingdon community as seen by our burgeoning partnership program. People in and around Abingdon are working tirelessly to keep everyone safe, fit and healthy as well as ensuring vital services continue to function. These people, be they members of the National Health Service, childcare providers, staff at schools, care workers, public transport workers, those working in food and delivery services, public utilities and all levels of government deserve our appreciation and gratitude.

We would like to say ‘thank you’.

If you, as a member of the Abingdon community, want to express your appreciation to an individual or group please record a short, 30 second, video and send it to [email protected] explaining who you are and who you would like to say thank you to.

Thank you for taking part and for showing your appreciation for our amazing community during these extraordinary times.


Rob Southwell-Sander, Director of Partnerships, thanks teachers

Pete Bignell, Director of Sport, thanks delivery drivers and postmen and women

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