31 October 2018

On Sunday 14 October Ben MacLennan, William D'Arcy and Johnny James competed in the annual Abingdon Vale Biathlon held at Tilsley Park and the school pool. 

The athletes competed over 100m in the pool and 1600m on the track in a series of heats, with the chance to qualify for the National Biathlon Championships, held in early 2019. Congratulations must be extended to all three athletes who managed to secure enough points to qualify. 

Individual Results:

2nd: Johnny James, Swim (100m) – 1:08, Run (1600m) – 5:10
4th: William D'Arcy, Swim (100m) – 1:14, Run (1600m) – 5:11
5th: Ben MacLennan, Swim (100m) – 1.11, Run  (1600m) – 5:36

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