9 January 2020

Fresh from the success of her debut film with the Abingdon Film Academy – “Swim Good”, a music video starring Abingdon sixth former Archie Turnbull that drew rave reviews at last December’s inaugural AFU/AFA joint screening – Larkmead sixth form student Renée Le Maguet has enjoyed an exciting opportunity to work with OA director/producer and AFU alumnus Will McDowell (2011) on a new music video featuring American singer songwriter Adam Lambert and his latest release, “Velvet”.

Assigned to the role of Assistant Director, Renée worked with a cast of 27 professional models in what was a high fashion / high concept number. Reflecting on her experience, Renée wrote,

“We filmed Adam Lambert in a couple of scenes lip-syncing, so I got to see how they do all of that in music video productions. It was a great experience. I met so many people and had a one-to-one conversation with the artist. I wanted to thank you because if you hadn’t introduced me to William, I would never have got to work with all the people I met yesterday.”

On the same day, all of the new AFA films became available to view on the AFU’s Vimeo site. Please follow this link to watch the five new films, including Renée’s “Swim Good”.

The photo shows Renée on set alongside OA Film producer/director Will McDowell.

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