11 November 2020

For our students to thrive in the 21st century workplace they need to have opportunities to develop new skills and collaborate closely with a diverse range of people. Five schools across Abingdon are working in partnership to create a bespoke program of activities that will help embed in our students the skills that will set them up to be successful employees as well as thoughtful, kind and self-confident individuals. These schools are Abingdon School, Fitzharrys School, John Mason School, Larkmead School and Radley College.

This program of activities is known as the Abingdon Edge and it is designed to expose students to a variety of opportunities that will give them the edge when it comes to their own academic aspirations as well as helping them develop skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity and a civic pride in their local place. The first activity being run through the Abingdon Edge is Academic Coaching. This involves Year 12 students learning key communication and leadership skills so that they may coach Year 9 students. Year 12 will sign up and then be offered both leadership and coaching skills through external providers. Then with teacher support they will have online coaching sessions with Year 9 students from either their own school or other schools. This one-to-one coaching will support students to develop effective goal setting strategies, as well as developing study skills, organisation and self-motivation. Coaches will use their personal knowledge and understanding to help students reach their potential and succeed in their learning, and will form a mutually beneficial, supportive environment for each student. This year will act as a pilot year and we aim to expand the scale and scope of activities within Abingdon Edge in the future.

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