27 September 2019

The Abingdon Science Partnership has had a typically busy week, here are some of our highlights.

Primary Science Club is well underway, with our experienced student leaders doing a grand job of training up new recruits to run weekly science club sessions with local primary school pupils. We're looking forward to the next stage of training where the boys will run two pilot sessions in partnership with Abingdon Prep.

Our first Saturday Science Club on behalf of Science Oxford took place over the weekend – 'All in the Mind'. A big thank you to Mr Taylor, Mrs Beynon and our brilliant student Science Ambassadors (all new recruits this year!) for helping to run the activities, each linked to different parts of the brain. Particular favourites were the human representation of an impulse travelling through neurons and across synapses, and learning about the language of Braille! 

Finally, we welcomed Sunningwell Primary School to our Partnership Lab for a workshop on skeletons, skulls and brains. We had a great time comparing different animal skulls, dissecting owl pellets and making weighted models of brains. Thank you to Mr Bliss and all the technicians who helped out! 

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