21 June 2017

This term lower sixth geographers have been learning about a range of geographical fieldwork skills and techniques in different locations and environments. This is in preparation for their own Independent Investigation, worth 20% of the new A level specification.  

Earlier in the term they visited Studland in Dorset to look at skills involving data collection in sand dunes, coastal sediment transfer and the changing nature of a coastal resort. Closer to home, near East Hanney, they turned their hand to hydrological skills and ecology fieldwork.  

With physical environments covered, their attention has turned to the urban environment. A major theme here being ‘Changing Spaces: making places’, a catchy sound bite from the new A level. Oxford proved to be a useful place to visit with fieldwork skills involving comparative studies of Jericho and parts of the Cowley Road. Finally a visit to Stratford in East London, the site of the London Olympics proved fertile ground to trial other techniques in an area that has been transformed out of all recognition over the past decade or so.  

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