1 April 2022

In an unusual twist to the day-to-day life at school yesterday, cadets in the CCF were given the opportunity to fly in a Chinook helicopter, taking off and landing from Upper Field. For those who do not join the military, this could well be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have taken part in an experience that is impossible to replicate, and one that does not come around very often! In three flights, 72 people were taken up in the Chinook, were subjected to various weather conditions, but most importantly were given a perspective of the school and Oxfordshire that they may never see again. This experience, on the whole, was hard to put into words but was the best possible way to kick off our Easter Camp week.

In a personal touch for the school, the Chinook was flown by an Old Abingdonian, Sqn Ldr Tim Andrews and, in what was a source of personal pride for me, Sqn Ldr Jon Turner. On behalf of the cadets, I want to thank both of the pilots, the crewmen, 18 Sqn, and the supporting ground team from RAF Benson, who made this incredible experience possible.

Written by Sgt Samuel Turner

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