26 June 2019

With GCSE and A level classes departed after their exams, staff volunteering to work with ASP get the opportunity to develop new teaching and learning skills by engaging with our many partner schools, particularly the local primary schools. 

Dunmore Primary is one of our most enthusiastic primary partners with 62 Year 2 pupils visiting recently to receive their CREST Star Science Investigator Awards, which have been delivered over 16 sessions by Mike Litchfield of the Chemistry Department. 

The Dunmore pupils enjoyed an exciting Chemical Reactions show in the ASP lab and were presented with their CREST Awards by Director of Partnerships, Rob Southwell-Sander.

Combe Primary School's Year 6 also visited this week for a Forces and Spaceflight workshop, with Dr Peter Willis, of the Physics and Computer Science Departments, assisted by our Ogden Trust Teach Physics Intern, Gabriel Semple, stepping in to run the activities when the usual ASP staff were engaged elsewhere.

The pupils from Combe measured the strength of the Earth's gravity, investigated weightlessness and tested their own, home-made stomp rockets.

A great team effort from all science staff who contribute to ASP, still celebrating from their night out in London at the TES Schools Awards. Although we didn't win this time we think that every day is a win when we work with such amazing partners and enthuse ever more young people to enjoy science.

To book our extensive suite of primary science workshops visit our online portal.

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