27 March 2017

The 49th Annual Road Relay was held on Monday 27 March. It was another extremely successful occasion, one of the few genuine whole school events, with a record number of 598 competitors completing the course. This included a team of recent OAs consisting of Jonty de la Harpe, Thomas Teece, Michael Fabes and Henry Hart who recorded the fastest team time of 33 mins 23 sec. 

The Cup for the fastest school team went to O'Doherty's L6th group of Josh Crichton, Harry Venables, Oliver Moody and James Hall in an impressive time of 35 minutes and 36 seconds.


Team winners:

James's A: Ivo Brown, Freddie Bermingham, David Mackney, Jack Lewis – 37 mins 28 sec
O'Doherty's A: Josh Crichton, Harry Venables, Oliver Moody, James Hall – 35 mins 36 sec
James's A: Matthew Wiblin, Tom Batchelor, Jacob Henney, Alfie Monger-Godfrey – 38 mins 04 sec
O'Doherty's A: James Coode, Alexander Scott, Ethan McLellan, Peter Mason – 39 mins 26 sec
Crescent A: Freddie Cunningham, Kipp Mainstone, Rory Mitchell, Hugo Wade – 39 mins 00 sec
2H A: Ethan Walker, Oskar Muller, George Owen, Josh Broadbent – 43 mins 18 sec
1P A: Felix Kind, Jonathan Pannett-Smith, Thom Denning, Robin Hambidge – 41 mins 24 sec
OA's: Jonty de la Harpe, Thomas Teece, Michael Fabes, Henry Hart – 33 mins 23 sec

Individual winners:

Upper 6th: Ivo Brown – 8 mins 02 sec
Lower 6th: Calum Steer – 8 mins 06 sec
5th Year: David Bunn – 8 mins 28 sec
4th Year: Alexander Pennington – 8 mins 30 sec
3rd Year: Freddie Cunningham – 9 mins 10 sec
2nd Year: Josh Broadbent – 9 mins 27 sec
1st Year: Robin Hambidge – 9 mins 53 sec
Staff: Richard Taylor – 8 mins 34 sec

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