14 May 2020

In 3D sculpture club one of our challenges was to make an edible sculpture. I made it out of melted Haribos. I wasn’t sure if I should use melted marshmallows or Haribos, but I chose to use Haribos because the marshmallows were too sticky. I melted them in the microwave for half a minute, and then I put cornflour on them, to make them feel like bread dough. I did three different colours, and I found it interesting that each colour felt a bit different. Then I shaped it into a griffen, and then I was done!

A second challenge was to make an outdoor den. This was quite tricky, because we didn’t have very many resources in our garden. I started off making a simple structure with bamboo sticks as a wall and wooden planks as the roof. I decided to leave it there for the night and see if it collapsed, and it didn’t, which was quite a surprise. I then made a door out of bricks, and then decorated it with rhubarb leaves and parsnips. I just about managed to fit in it, but it was the perfect size for my sister, who loved being inside it.

In drawing challenge club last week our challenge was to draw what we saw out of the window. I chose to do mine in black pen, because I like the way it makes the drawing so bold. I also like the towel in the foreground, because I think it makes the picture look unique. I had a lot of fun drawing this!

Samuel Price

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