24 June 2020

2M spent last weekend travelling the distance collectively to get them all back to School and home again. This included the trip to and from Heathrow Airport for our one boy in lockdown with family overseas. The boys cycled, swam, unicycled, walked and clocked up miles on the Tennis court too, allowing many fathers to enjoy spending quality time with their sons on Father’s Day on Sunday. One family of three rode over 390 miles collectively over the two days.

The target distance was 719miles, and a fundraising target of £2500. I am happy to report that the boys and I managed over 750 miles and parents, siblings and friends supporting us travelled over 925 miles. So together we covered the mileage to bring at least another whole tutor group “Back To School” with us.

In addition to this the boys giving page, has raised over £2720 and well over £3000 with Gift Aid all for Cancer Research UK. Our page closes at the end of the month, so if the photos inspire you to give a little, or if you want to hope you’re part of the tutor group we took “Back To School” with us then please add to the total to show your appreciation.

Finally my thanks, as the tutor, goes to the parents without whom this challenge would not have been possible under our current restrictions and I thank you for the backup and safety of each member of 2M throughout their challenge effort.

Mrs McRae

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