Academic Introduction

Abingdon has always had a sound academic tradition and in recent years a drive towards academic excellence has borne fruit. This is not the result of a narrow concentration - on the contrary, the curriculum is characterised by breadth and flexibility. Most boys study 10 subjects at GCSE from the wide range available and take them in their stride. This is protection against premature specialisation, and provides them with a broad basis of knowledge and skills. The large sixth form permits a wide choice of different subjects at AS and A level, and many boys read a combination of arts and science subjects.

“The pupils’ achievements and learning are excellent, as a consequence of the excellent curricular and extra-curricular provision and teaching.” - ISI Inspection

You can find out more about the lower, middle and upper school curriculum from the curriculum pages. Department pages provide more detail about each subject.

For further information email Graeme May, Deputy Head (Academic), 01235 849113