Pastoral care and pupil wellbeing is at the very heart of our provision at Abingdon Prep and the mutual respect between child and teacher is evident throughout the school.

We pride ourselves on knowing and celebrating each of our young people as individuals, supporting them so that they enjoy their time at school and flourish.

All children at Abingdon Prep have a designated form tutor who is overseen by a section head, with the Deputy Head (Pastoral) having responsibility for pastoral matters across the school.  In the younger years, your child’s form tutor also teaches many of the lessons, helping to further nurture and strengthen the bond between them.  As the children progress into the Middle and Senior sections of our school, their form tutor continues to be the first point of contact for pupils, parents and other members of staff.

All of our staff play an important role in the delivery of our pastoral care programme, which revolves around three main pillars – being kind, getting involved and the pupil voice.

Each of these components is underpinned within our curriculum and in our cocurricular offering; and is regularly reinforced through games, events, themed assemblies, pupil groups and our school House system.  Every pupil is allocated into a House when they join Abingdon Prep, allowing them to get to know children of all ages.  This helps to create a supportive, inclusive and respectful school environment and fosters leadership and communication skills in our young people, making them more confident and resilient.

“The school’s wellbeing programme contributes extremely effectively to the pupils’ sense of inner peace and reflectiveness.”

ISI Inspection


Our dedicated nurse is on duty throughout the school day.  Based in our small, friendly medical room, she is there to care for pupils in the event of an accident, injury, minor illness or a even if they need just a quick chat for reassurance.

She also administers medications including those prescribed from home, such as antibiotics, once parents have completed the medicines form. Named emergency medication such as inhalers and epipens for those pupils who might need them in the school day is kept safely by our school nurse.

In addition, continued support is given to those with longer term health needs such as diabetes and asthma. You can also sometimes find the nurse in the classroom helping with teaching health related topics.

The nurse is always happy to work with parents, if you would like to make contact, please email [email protected].

“Pupils develop high levels of self-esteem, confidence, discipline and resilience.”

ISI Inspection