We know how important building a sustainable future is – not only for our pupils but also for future generations; and we recognise the role that we, as educators, have in shaping that. We want sustainability to become a natural extension of our everyday lives which is why it is at the very heart of what we do at Abingdon Prep. Not only can it be found within our curriculum and as part of our Other Half activities, but it can also be found within our systems, our buildings and our grounds.

Abingdon Prep pupils will often be seen upcycling materials in DT; recycling plastic and paper; or attending Eco Clubs. Where possible, we communicate digitally; when we have to print, we use FSC™ certified paper; when we build new facilities, we ensure renewable energy is installed. Our commitment extends beyond our walls and into our grounds with dedicated biodiversity areas where nature and wildlife can flourish, as too can the wellbeing of our pupils and staff.

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REGO certified electricity supply


biodiversity zones within the Abingdon Foundation grounds


trees across the Foundation

Central to this success are our pupils who initiate and embrace being involved in the Schools’ sustainability initiatives. Our student Eco Committee with junior and senior sections, regularly meet to brainstorm ideas which they feedback to each other and our senior leadership team. A reduction in food waste from the dining hall; and battery recycling are recent initiatives our Eco Committee have implemented in their desire of working towards a new eco-friendly era for our School and for society.

Craig Williams, Headmaster, comments: “I am always so impressed by the efforts our children go to in order to ensure that we are taking care of our planet and, by association, each other.”