Abingdon Prep School is committed to ensuring all pupils, whatever their individual learning profile, are supported throughout their time at School in order for them to thrive academically.

Our dedicated Learning Support Department works closely with parents and teachers to encourage joined up support between the home and school environments. This helps to ensure the strengths of each pupil are understood, and their needs met, during their time at Abingdon Prep School.

Integral to this approach is the early identification of, and assistance with, any barriers to learning. Children can be referred to the Learning Support Department by teachers or parents at any time. Observations and assessments can be carried out by the Head of Learning Support and specialist teachers who work closely with form and subject teachers to provide understanding, support and strategies to assist with a pupil’s specific needs. In addition, small group work, out of class, can be provided to target certain skills; and one to one intensive support from a specialist teacher can be available from Year 2 onwards.

Where external assessment is needed, the department can guide parents through the process and recommend practitioners in different areas of specialism including dyslexia, dyspraxia, speech and language, ASD or related specific learning difficulties.

We pride ourselves in setting challenging, but achievable, individual goals for pupils with different learning profiles. We encourage them to understand what makes things difficult for them and then develop strategies which will help to build confidence, better manage their challenges and thrive in their studies at our school.

Further information: SEND and Learning Support policy