Families of children in Year 7 and above who have accepted a place at Abingdon Senior School and who cannot afford to pay full fees, may apply to the Abingdon Foundation for financial help in the form of a ‘bursary’.

Bursaries are awarded to pupils who are likely to gain most from an Abingdon education and who will contribute fully to the life of the School.  All candidates must meet the high academic entrance criteria. Bursaries are awarded to the highest performing candidates and the level of need is determined on a case by case basis. The discount on the cost of day fees can be as much as 100%.

Our Governors are mindful, when bursaries are provided, that there remains an overall fair balance between those benefiting from bursaries and full fee-paying parents, many of whom are also making significant personal sacrifices to fund their children’s independent education.

The FAQ questions and answers which can be found here are intended to address the most common queries about bursaries. If you would like to know more please contact Mrs Clare Butcher by email: [email protected].

If you have queries about the admissions process please contact the Admissions Office by email: [email protected].