The Year 7 and 8 Curriculum, AP+

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 at Abingdon Prep follow the Abingdon Prep Plus, or AP+, curriculum. They no longer sit the Common Entrance examinations at the end of Year 8.

The AP+ has been designed in conjunction with our Senior School, Abingdon, which most of our pupils join in Year 9. We are confident that it provides the knowledge, skills and rigorous challenge demanded by Abingdon and the other senior schools that our pupils move on to.

The AP+ facilitates the transition from prep to senior schools and is an engaging, challenging and dynamic curriculum.

The AP+ Curriculum

For the most part pupils follow units of work based on Key Stage 3 (KS3) of the National Curriculum. They are assessed regularly, through ongoing classroom assessment and formal end-of-year exams, and their progress is monitored through regular grading and feedback from marking and classroom observation.

In addition, teachers seek to identify opportunities for the pupils to engage with the skill strands of:

  • Independent learning & research
  • Collaborative learning – including using digital media
  • Communication skills – through a variety of media (including digital)
  • Thinking & problem solving (Higher Order thinking skills)
  • Reviewing and improving

Some pupils in Year 8, who sit for academic scholarship assessments at their chosen senior school, will follow a bespoke curriculum which allows them to prepare for the examinations and interviews which form the basis of these assessments. However, they too will engage with the skill strands and have access to the breadth of the AP+ curriculum.

At the end of Year 8 a pupil’s progress culminates in achieving their AP+ leaving certificate. This accounts for effort, as well as achievement, and not only in examined subjects, but also in the creative and performing arts, sports and ICT. Reference is also made to their contributions towards the wider school community and to their achievements in Other Half activities, including successes beyond the school.

Further details about the Years 7 and 8 curriculum.