At Abingdon Prep all of our pupils have access to excellent teaching and opportunities to engage with a range of challenges and competitions.


Our most able learners are stretched beyond the scope of the core curriculum. In the Senior Section, towards the end of Year 7, these pupils are offered the opportunity to be part of a Year 8 form group, where all of our pupils are studying for academic scholarships. These children are taught in a dedicated scholarship class for most of their lessons, where they are prepped in readiness for their scholarship examinations. In recent years, pupils have won many academic scholarships to leading independent schools.

Our most able learners can also undertake independent projects that are completed at home and represent the School in academic competitions. As the pupils progress through to the Middle Section, school and national competitions become more prevalent, with pupils being selected to represent the School for example in the Maths Challenge and Crest Science awards.

Art, DT, Drama, Music and Sport

Alongside the academic opportunities, Abingdon Prep has extensive provision for those who display talent in art, music, drama and sport. Throughout their time with us, pupils are able to showcase their talents through a range of clubs, workshops, exhibitions, matches, productions and educational visits. We ensure they are very well prepared for their assessments at senior schools. We recognise that developing the level of skill required to stand out takes considerable time, and as such, pupil progress is tracked from their point of entry.

Our Art and DT departments offer a great variety of additional work and new mediums in their provision for talented pupils. Opportunities are made for them to exhibit at national IAPS school events, as well as established local events such as Young Art Oxford and Artweeks.

Those with a passion for drama benefit from wide-ranging opportunities to perform and expert tuition as well as LAMDA examinations. They also learn the discipline of commitment to rehearsals, often over several months. At the senior end of the school, the flagship annual production at the Amey Theatre provides a challenging opportunity for those looking to take their drama further.

A high percentage of Abingdon Prep pupils play a musical instrument, and they are tracked through the grading system of the examination boards. Children regularly perform solos at concerts, during assemblies, at school events, and are prepared for examinations and scholarship assessments by an incredibly talented range of music professionals and our Director of Music.

In sport, pupils are provided with a wide range of opportunities in which they can develop and excel. From local matches against other prep schools to national competitions. Abingdon Prep pupils travel far and wide to pursue their sporting dreams. In recent years we have celebrated those who have been selected for national prep school teams in major sports, as well as those achieving national recognition for success in table tennis, cross country and athletics.

Further information on our Able, Gifted & Talented policy.