“From the first call to the first day, and ever since, we have been most impressed with Abingdon Prep. Best of all, our boys come home with happy, smiling faces each day, full of what they’ve learnt and done. From communication and commitment in the classroom to pastoral care and the ‘Other Half’, our boys are happy and thriving at Abingdon Prep.”

“Our experience has been extremely positive so far. As we moved from overseas to Oxford, it has been very important to us to count on the school’s attentive, super helpful and very capable staff! Our son has always received a great deal of attention and care, from the day he took his entrance exam to his first few weeks at school. We could not have asked for more!!!”

“I was looking at a number of schools and to be honest there were a few schools that seemed similar initially. However, after the first point of contact EVERYTHING changed. I was lucky enough to get in touch with the Registrar, and she had been an absolute joy to communicate with. The exams were swiftly done online (as we were moving from abroad) and before too long we came to visit the school in person. The school’s facilities, clubs, and level of academics only helped to convince us further. It is a complete school, replete with things we thought we needed, and many things we did not even know there existed in schools. Having gone to 3 different independent schools in Canada, I thought I had seen it all, but Abingdon Prep brings everything up a notch. Our son has never enjoyed school so much, and that for me, is the biggest thing. Thank you for your endless support and thank you Abingdon Prep for the unrivalled experience thus far!”

“We had a good long chat after parents evening this week about our son and his new school! There really is nothing we could suggest that you could have done differently regarding his first few weeks at the Prep. He has settled quickly and made friends. I know that he was worried about moving school but I can report that he is completely reassured that everything is going to be just fine! He is loving the sport and games at the Prep, he is enthused by his History topic (WWII) and has taken pride in showing me his science book. He has enjoyed making the mirror in CDT and he couldn’t wait to show it to me hanging on the wall in the corridor! He has taken on board the behaviour that is expected of him and is determined not to end up on the ‘grey cloud’. From our point of view – we were particularly impressed by the pace of start of term! I liked the fact that our son could choose his clubs ahead of time, and that clubs started on the second day! I was amazed that he had his first double sport lesson on day 1. I have emailed a couple of times regarding clubs and timetable and have always had my emails answered quickly and efficiently.”