Abingdon Prep does not use a great deal of ‘private language’, but one colloquialism which is firmly rooted in the School is the term the ‘Other Half’ – meaning the other half of the curriculum, anything from chess to rugby, via Lego robotics and debating.

Sports, clubs, the arts and trips, in fact, as many activities as our staff can organise, are seen as essential parts of the total educational experience offered to an Abingdon Prep pupil.

Some elements in the ‘Other Half’ are compulsory while many more are voluntary; no pupil can be expected to undertake all of them, but everyone is encouraged to tackle as many as possible at some time during their school career.

The ‘Other Half’ is an integral part of the learning experience – but it is very much learning about life, its challenges and opportunities; as such, it comprises some of the most valuable things that an Abingdon Prep education has to offer.

We hope that our pupils will enjoy choosing from the wide range of activities available.