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Partnership work at Abingdon Prep has been a recent development, it follows the excellent lead at Abingdon School which has a wide and varied programme of collaborative learning.

Abingdon Prep in Partnership (APiP) was formed in 2020 with Katie Smith leading the team and it is one of the few prep schools in the country to run a partnership programme in its own right. Katie acts as an advisor to other prep schools and has developed links with local primary schools.

The opportunities to learn and share continue to expand with a particular focus on young children. Learning how to collaborate and be part of a community as well as establishing long term sustainable relationships is the focus for younger pupils.

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APiP Activities

Here are just a few examples of the partnership activities that we have undertaken:

Amazing mazes at Cumnor Primary

Recently Katie visited Cumnor Primary School with an exciting box of woodwork tools. Working alongside the teachers and assistants, Katie helped the Year 5 boys and girls to produce some highly creative ball bearing maze games. The pupils were encouraged to find ways of catching out their friends with hidden bridges, dead ends and pit holes. The finished products were all unique and the individual woodwork skills improved a great deal over the course of the project. Much praise goes to the Cumnor pupils who were so enthusiastic and hard working.

The Abingdon Prep boys were given the opportunity to play with the mazes when Katie borrowed them to show them to the Prep – the boys sent messages to the Cumnor pupils saying how much they had enjoyed them.

Science Week with Standlake Primary School

Standlake Primary School enjoyed their visit to the science lab during Science Week. The Year 6 pupils used the bunsen burners to investigate the different heats of a flame.

Test tube rainbows with SHSK

Girls from St Helen and St Katharine School joined the Abingdon Prep boys to create rainbows in a test tube. Sharing the facilities and the combined learning was a very positive experience for all the pupils.

Additionally, a community bench/outside classroom area has been opened in the Prep School’s playground. This has been a joint project over two years involving the Year 8 Leavers 2020, the School’s Parents’ Association and the CDT department. We hope to use the facility for the community for example for coral events such as a summer music soiree with the Frilford community, or mini sports tournaments with primary schools.

Partnerships online

Since the recent government restrictions due to the coronavirus, DT has continued to be shared virtually between the different schools. A collaborative project with woven bugs and butterflies has caught the imagination of the younger children, whereas a contemporary ‘Design a chair’ project has enabled creative minds to flow with older pupils, each making a miniature chair for a collaborative cross school display. Antony Gormley’s field has become a ‘Field of miniature chairs’. Exhibits from both state primaries, Abingdon Prep School, their governors and the local community are planned, as teachers are keen to contribute to the overall virtual exhibition.

Katie has made links with rural schools close to the Abingdon Prep site, such as Appleton, Standlake and Cumnor primary schools, and Katie is looking to develop longer term inter schools partnerships with an aim to benefit all children through the power of worthwhile partnership work.