For the academic year 2022-23, the fees are:

Per term per annum
Reception £4,275 £12,825
Year 1 £4,940 £14,820
Year 2 £5,270 £15,810
Year 3 and 4 £5,975 £17,925
Year 5 and 6 £6,135 £18,405
Year 7 and 8 £6,205 £18,615
Registration fee for Reception to Year 6 (UK residents)* £100
Registration fee for Years 7 and 8 (UK residents)* £150
Registration fee for non-UK residents* £250

*The registration fee is non-refundable

Fees are fully inclusive of lunch, stationery and other classroom, musical and sporting resources. Any extras, such as those for individual music lessons, trips/visits and minibus transport, to and from school, are agreed with parents before billing.

For information on bursaries, which are available from Year 7 at the Prep School, please see the Abingdon School Bursaries page.

Insurance Policies

No reduction is made for absence but there is a School Fees Refund Scheme, which can be taken out through the School. A private medical insurance scheme for pupils is also available. Further information about the schemes can be found below. Please note that all pupils are automatically covered for personal accident insurance.

Fees Refund Scheme (extra charges apply)

Private Medical Insurance (extra charges apply)

Pupils' Personal Accident Insurance (all pupils are automatically covered)

Personal Effects Insurance

Please note that the school does not accept responsibility for, and the school’s insurance does not cover, a pupil’s personal effects such as a laptop, phone or musical instrument whilst they are at school or on a school trip. This is because such items are usually covered by a home insurance policy.