At Abingdon Prep, we take great care to make sure everyone within our school feels involved, safe, happy and that they belong. We promote a culture of consideration and kindness, fostering an inclusive and caring environment, one in which diversity is celebrated and respect is advocated.

We believe everyone has the right to reach their true potential, have access to the same opportunities, and we remain committed to do all we can to listen to, and support, our pupils, staff and parents to ensure equity within our community.

Our curriculum:

We know the immense importance and value that a knowledge of different cultures, faiths and backgrounds can bring. We therefore ensure this is represented throughout our curriculum in order to help strengthen our own culture of inclusion and to prepare our young people for life beyond Prep School.

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education programme:

In addition to our curriculum, we foster emotional growth through personal and social education within our PSHCE programme, helping our young people to problem solve and to equip them for the next stage of their lives. Delivered in an age appropriate way, with the concept of wellbeing running throughout, our programme includes dedicated teaching sessions, assemblies and visits from speakers on a broad range of topics.


different nationalities


active members of our JEDI Committee

Junior Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee:

Our student-led ‘JEDI’ Committee work in partnership with teachers to foster an inclusive environment and to celebrate, promote and inform our School Community about the work they are carrying out.


A sense of community is one of the cornerstones of an Abingdon Prep education and our pupils are encouraged to be helpful and caring; making positive contributions to society as a whole. Members of our student-led school council meet regularly to brainstorm creative and innovative ways in which all our school community can be engaged, and participate in, community wide projects and to fundraise for local, national and international charities.