Years 3, 4 and 5 are a nurturing time for pupils at Abingdon Prep. Ours is a happy, caring and friendly environment where children flourish.

During these years, children develop a deeper level of knowledge and understanding in each subject and explore more opportunities throughout the school. Good behaviour and conduct, along with academic progress and personal development, are regularly celebrated.

By the time our pupils move into our Senior Section, they have grown in confidence, curiosity and independence, building resilience and valuable life skills which will help them succeed as they progress through the school and beyond.


In these year groups, learning predominantly takes place within a class based environment, with children encouraged to build relationships with specialist subject teachers as they progress through the school.

The form teacher is the main point of contact for pupils and parents. They are responsible for closely monitoring and recording the pastoral and academic progress of each child, enabling them to fulfil their potential. The curriculum is broad with the form teacher delivering subjects including English, Maths and Humanities; with Science, Sport, Music, Drama, French, Art and DT each taught by specialist staff in bespoke classrooms.

Further details can be found on the curriculum and homework and reporting pages of the website.

The Other Half

Our extensive extracurricular offering, fondly known as ‘The Other Half’ is an integral part of school life, enabling children to work, play and learn together across a spectrum of exciting and stimulating environments. These activities take place during lunch break, as well as after the end of the official school day.

Further details on the Other Half.

Performing Arts

Music and drama is taught by creative, specialist teachers and incorporated into our weekly curriculum timetable. In addition, pupils are given plenty of opportunities to participate further in the performing arts including in the jazz band, wind band, brass group, choir, orchestra, concerts and drama productions. Individual instrument lessons and singing are available through our talented peripatetic teachers.


Sport is carefully tailored to each age group and is very much focused on enjoyment, well-being and healthy competition.

It is important that everyone feels part of a team and has the experience of competing for their school. Pupils are involved in fixtures in football, rugby, hockey and cricket; and we run internal ‘House’ competitions throughout the year which involve the major sports, swimming and cross-country.

Our extensive Other Half programme offers additional activities during lunchtimes and after school.


Throughout the year, pupils enjoy a diverse range of exciting trips which support their learning, help to encourage teamwork, develop confidence and independence. Examples include a visit to Hazard Alley – an interactive education centre – in Year 3; a 2 day residential trip along the Ridgeway in Year 4; and a visit to HMS Victory in Year 5.

A Typical School Day

This is just an example of a school day – sports and activities will vary.

8:00 Pupils can be dropped off from 8am
8:15 Form time with tutors
8:30 Registration
8:35 Assembly / Hymn Practice or Form Time
9:00 Maths (double)
10:10 French
10:40 Outdoor break time
11:00 Library
11:40 English/Spellings
12:15 Lunch & outdoor play
13:25 Registration
13:30 History
14:10 Music
14:40 Afternoon break
15:05 Sport/Games
15:30 Sport/Games
16:10 Collection / Homework Club / Other Half Activities or After School Club
17:00 – 18:00 Children can stay until 6pm in After School Club


Our big, bright and well equipped classrooms provide an inspirational setting for learning. Our pupils also have full access to the extensive facilities the school has to offer including 30 acre playing fields, a heated indoor swimming pool, art room, CDT workshop, 2 science laboratories, our specialist music school, ICT Suite and an all-purpose Astroturf.