Effort and Achievement grades are used to provide guidance to pupils and parents of individual progress and assist staff in monitoring and tracking pupil progress within individual subject areas.

In the Pre-Prep department, effort grades (Year 1) and effort and achievement grades (Year 2) will appear in the final written report of the year. In the Middle Section, grades will appear in written subject reports twice a year and may also be issued ahead of parents’ evenings in the form of an interim report. For older pupils, in addition, they may be used when marking regular classwork and homework when there is not an exercise specific marking criteria such as might be used with practice exam papers.

The achievement grades used are as follows:

1 Exceptional (is going beyond and/or combining with other learning and applying to new situations)

2 Mastering (is achieving independently nearly all the time and retaining)

3 Achieving (is achieving independently most of the time)

4 Working towards (has begun, achieving some of the time but needs adult support)

5 Emerging (not yet begun – needs full adult support or other intervention)

The effort grades and descriptors are as follows:

A Excellent (exemplary attitude at all times – concentrates and participates eagerly in all activities, keen and always willing to try their best)

B Good (very good attitude, working hard, concentrates in lessons and participates well in a variety of tasks)

C Sound (positive and willing attitude most of the time, adequate concentration, will participate in tasks when asked)

D Modest (does what is required but tends to lack self-motivation and concentration, only participates with encouragement)

E Poor (negative attitude to any task set, unwilling to participate, often distracted or distracting others in lessons)