Introduction to Admissions

We welcome boys from age 4-13. Our main entry points are Reception and Year 3 (aged 7+) and we usually have some places available in other years.

We have no formal academic testing at age four, but we are looking for personal independence and some social maturity, which will help children to mix successfully with the rest of the form and help everyone to settle happily in their first days. Older children will be given tests in English, non-verbal Reasoning and Mathematics to ensure that they will fit comfortably into the academic range of the class they are joining.

Bookings for assessment mornings for entry into all years in September 2018 are now being taken, please see the Admissions procedures for information about the process. Jane Herold, the Admissions Manager, will be happy to give you further details and can be contacted on 01865 392 303 or email

Further Information:
Junior Section
Middle Section
Senior Section
The transfer process for boys from Abingdon Prep moving on to Abingdon School.

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