14 October 2015

Year 5
Year 5 have designed and produced some electrical ‘Steady hand Buzzer Games’ in their CDT lessons this term. Creating an extended switch has enabled those with a strong hand to leave the electric circuit open by following a twisted wire shape without touching it. The annoying buzzer sounds when the hand wobbles and the wires touch to close the electric circuit. Year 5 took their games to be tried out by staff and Crispin came into the final lesson to witness first-hand the complex structures set by Year 5.

The next challenge for Year 5 was to sew three juggle balls and to make a simple lattice storage container. The sewing machines have been in action, some whizzing along at great speed! Much sawing and drilling for the wooden boxes with acrylic lids has been undertaken and the structure proved to be more challenging than some expected!

Year 6
Designed on plywood by Year 6 and stained with bright colours is a set of ‘Angry Birds’ on display in the Prep School main entrance hall. Watch out for expressive eyebrows, extended beaks and huge eyes as they peer out of the background. With increasing skill, Year 6 used the electric fretsaws in the CDT room to produce the dynamic flock.

Designed and then coloured, the Year 6 boys have made wooden jigsaws using the power tools. Pupils in the Pre-Prep were given the challenge of completing the puzzles. Some simple picture designs were straightforward but the patterned jigsaws proved to be much harder!

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